Computer Methods in Experimental Economics CMEE 2018

The aim of the conference is to promote knowledge, the latest scientific developments and trends in the scope of using computer methods in experimental economics. The conference is open, international, and addressed to the scientific community interested in this field.
Modern use of experimental economics requires the integration of knowledge in the domains of economic sciences, computer science, psychology, and neuroscience. The application of IT enhances the possibilities of conducting and analyzing the results of the experiments. Such studies are performed nowadays with the use of a software that, on one hand, provides interaction between all the participants, and on the other hand, gives possibilities to register their reactions very accurately.
Computer methods allow to analyze large amount of data and, thanks to that, it is possible to use non-standard methods of registering the data during the experiments. Such methods are for example the methods used in cognitive neuroscience. The conference will allow the exchange of experiences and undertaking joint initiatives and integration of the scientific community interested in experimental economics.

We invite you to submit papers that might inspire interesting discussions concerning the following topics:

  • modeling and computer simulation,
  • analysis and formal methods,
  • cognitive neuroscience,
  • experimental economics,
  • methods of artificial intelligence.

Konferenecja Informatyka w Zarządzaniu / Metody Komputerowe w Ekonomii Eksperymentalnej